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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

PREFER, being a company operating in the field of design, development, manufacture and assembly of equipment for blasting, including its technical assistance, as well as in the comemrcialization of machine, equipment and accessories, assumes that quality is a key factor and understands that its orientation is based on a spirit of continuous improvment that runs through all existing processes in the company.  

Compliance with applicable requirements: PREFER bases its actions on unconditional compliance with applicable requirements, wether functional, legal and/or normative.

Foco on the customer: PREFER ddevelops its activities in order to exceed the expectations of its customers, creating a solid relationship through the provision of services with a high level of quality.

Employee development: By continuously recruiting, qualifying and training its emplyees, PREFER has a motivated team with a clear notion of its objectives, contributing activelty and decisively to achieving the company's objectives.

Business results: PREFER frequntly evaluates its relationships with its business partners, namely suppliers, subcontactors and customers, valuing the compliance with the commitments assumed, regarding the mutual gain.

Continuous improvment: PREFER is commited to defining objectives for the company's different processes, assessing their performance and providing the necessary actions for their fullfillment and for the constant and continuous improvment of the Quality Management System.

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